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Company - Meridian Discovery

Meridian Discovery arises in the market with the purpose to adjoin value and to provide a complement for the concept of finding out solutions for terrestrial transportation in Portugal. With professionalism, efficiency and well-being, our clients can take advantage of:
Transfers with assistance at arrival/departure from the airport or another location; Tours and assistance on business trips; Service at the orders, official entourages, weddings, night outing tours. Providing your needs and offering a service with earnestness and competence, we are sure to add value to your company. We fulfil a permanent commitment to serve our customers within the strictest quality patterns, in order to develop their loyalty.

Keep the contact humanized, healthy and qualified with our customers. Maintain the ethics and respect towards co-workers and clients. Overcome customers` expectations. Provide excellence, fulfilling deadlines and assuring quality when providing services. We are a company directed to growth and well-being of their coworkers, partners and clients. Keep and strengthen our brand in the market, acting with responsibility in order to highlight our services from the most respected suppliers of transportation facilities in the country.

Meridian Discovery is a company that makes the difference in the branch of cars with chauffeurs. Our mission is to comply with a simple and objective way, providing comfort, so that our clients are completely satisfied with our services. Our planning allows to reach numerous cities, providing commodity and agility to our customers. We offer modern vehicles, luxurious and differentiated, with qualified and experienced chauffeurs, for a personalized service. We value punctuality, comfort, discretion, ethics and luxury, bringing total security to our clients.

Our chauffeurs are the root of our success; they are selected for their experience and knowledge for the tourism and history of the region/country. Extremely polite and friendly, they know how to meet and entertain our clients, and they are fluent in several languages. Our back-office team is very efficient and dedicated. This team responds with readiness and precision to each request. Motivation and organization are the two main motors for this excellent team. We are always ready to find the best solutions to completely satisfy our customers` needs, this is our mission. If you are looking for a different service, this is the team who will provide you the best alternatives.